Deacons & Deaconesses


The role of the Deacons are to assist in maintaining the smooth operation of church meetings. If there are any needs and/or concerns, they should be reported to us as soon as possible so that they could be addressed in an adequate manner. Regular meetings are to be scheduled by the Head Deacon to address various issues and provide training. Our role as deacons include, but are not limited to the following:  Deacons are scheduled to be on duty and are responsible for maintaining the church's outside appearance during the wintertime, with removing snow on sidewalks and main entryways. You will see us assisting in collecting the offering during the worship service or being designated as the lock-up deacon.  Furthermore, we assist the Elders in providing assistance to the needy, assist with baptisms, assist with the communion service, involved in church maintenance, and visitations.



The role of the Head Deaconess is to coordinate deaconesses (and other interested church members) to provide cards and visitation ministry to church members who are sick and shut-in.  Furthermore, the deaconesses will help when cleaning work-bees are called for the church or school.

The role includes but not limited to:

  • Prepare the robes for all who are participating in baptism.
  • Assist female candidates.
  • Launder and store robes, towels, etc., after the ceremony.
  • Prepare the bread and grape juice for baptismal service.
  • Arrange the emblems and covering on the table.
  • Dispense water and basins for the women during the Ordinance of Humility, giving attention and assistance to visitors, new members, and the elderly.
  • Clean and store the linens and serving pieces used in Communion.

It is appropriate for either deacons or deaconesses, who have been ordained, to assist in distributing the emblems and removing/placing back the communion tray covers during the service.

As in many churches, Caring for the Congregation is an unwritten tradition giving the women who serve as deaconesses the responsibility of preparing hot meals for any church family that experiences a death or other tragedy. This may mean simply taking food to the home or, in some cases, the serving of an entire meal to family and guests after a funeral, which is coordinated by the Head Deaconess.