The Waymark Seventh-day Adventist® Church (formerly Roxbury Seventh-day Adventist® Church)

July 1999 - July 2008

It All Began On...... 

       July 31, 1999, what some would consider the true beginning of the Roxbury Seventh-day Adventist® (SDA) Mission, as this was the start date of the Community Uplift Crusade, where most of the 124 founding members were baptized.

         With Pastor Conklin Gentry and associate evangelists Dr. Ives Roberts, Pastor Horatius Gittens and Pastor Cornelius Wesley at the helm, the comer of Blue Hill Avenue and Quincy Street literally became a hive of activity for a six-week period, in the summer of 1999. The evangelists, their associates, assistants, bible workers, and coordinators worked diligently to demonstrate the ministries of preaching, praying, bible study, health, counseling, giving and teaching to the crusade attendees.

         The resounding success of the crusade (some 100 persons were baptized) brought with it, the challenge of finding a place for the new believers to worship. The answer to that challenge came through Dr. John C. Heinemeier, and the members of the Resurrection Lutheran Church, located at 94 Warren Street, in Roxbury, Massachusetts. On September 18, 1999 the members and guests of the Roxbury SDA® Mission held their first Sabbath Service in the Resurrection Lutheran Church building. Here began a nine-year relationship, built on the premise of sharing, one that the Roxbury SDA® members embraced and learned from, and for which they are eternally grateful.

         From the onset, the Roxbury Seventh-day Adventist® Mission had a magnetic pull that brought visitors from all points in Massachusetts and neighboring states, to the Sabbath worship services. Much of this attraction could be attributed to the dynamism of the then Pastor, Cornelius Wesley (1999-2005), with credit also going to the members of Roxbury SDA®, who developed a sense of community that ensured that those who came to visit were destined to come back, many times permanently. Very early on, Roxbury established its signature style, of taking care of the spiritual, the emotional, and physical, through great preaching, great fellowship and by sharing their excellent culinary skills. Hence, one could not accurately pen the history of Roxbury SDA® without mentioning the contributions made by the gourmet and hospitality committees over the years. 

        On December 7, 2002, the members of the Roxbury Seventh-day Adventist® Mission reached a significant milestone. By now, 33 new individuals had become members, either through baptism or transfer, for a total of 159 members. The Northeastern Conference of Seventh-day Adventists had seen enough significant progress in the Roxbury SDA® Mission's leadership and growth, to approve taking the giant step from mission to church status. The occasion was marked by a day of celebration with attendance from denominational leaders, elected officials, special guests, friends and relatives.

         In its early years, the Roxbury Church had a very active pathfinder club, the Roxbury Jaguars now The Waymark Jaguars, which received accolades and won awards for campsite presentations and outstanding drum core performances under the leadership of Bro. William Gore.  Today the Jaguars are thriving and the church have added an Adventurers Club (The Waymark Dolphins) for children 5 - 9 years of age.

         In March 2003, the Roxbury SDA® Church choir, The Angelic Voices of Praise (AVP) made its debut, under the direction of renowned gospel soloist, instrumentalist, and arranger Renese King who had the opportunity to sing for the Governor and legislators of Massachusetts and also performed annually at the Massachusetts Correctional Institution, in Framingham.  In addition to the AVP Choir, the church also had an active children, youth and young adult choir. 

         During the years of 2006 – 2007, The Waymark SDA® Church has had dynamic pastoral leaderships.  Entered Pastor George Bulgin who was truly a man of God, who did the work that God called him to do in leading His flock, before he was appointed to then Mattapan now Hyde Park SDA® Church.  His heart, soul, mind and strength were focused on doing God’s work.  Pastor Sylvan Lashley worked alongside Pastor George Bulgin serving the then Roxbury SDA® Church.  He brought his brilliant wit and was a friend, teacher and leader who led, initiated, and was a humble man of action who truly loved God and it showed in his interaction with the members.

        Dr. Samuel Bulgin took over leadership in February 2007 and led The Waymark congregation with fervor and conviction in God’s word.  On June 27, 2008, under the leadership of Dr. Samuel Bulgin, through much prayers and an unexpected miracle from our God on High, The Roxbury SDA® Church acquired a new building at 1048 Dorchester Avenue, Dorchester, Massachusetts! The first Sabbath service held at the new location on July 12, 2008.  However, on the evening of June 28, one day after finalizing the purchase, a praise and thanksgiving service was held in the new facility. Members sang way into the night. Some cried. Others just beamed with pride and excitement.

        On August 10, 2008, The Roxbury Seventh-day Adventist® Church was renamed The Waymark Seventh-day Adventist® Church. The first baptism held at The Waymark took place on August 16 bringing the total active membership to 212.

2009 - Present

        The Waymark Seventh-day Adventist® Church continued its growth holding various evangelistic meetings which drew many from the neighborhood and surrounding area who were thirsty to be filled with God’s word.  During 2009, with the inclusion of transfers, 18 souls were won bringing the total membership to 233.  In April 2010 to quench the thirst of more souls eager to find the Bible truth, another evangelistic meeting was held.  With the energy still alive, members leaped into 2011 restored, ready and willing to witness and they did just that.  However, The Waymark Seventh-day Adventist® Church was dismayed by the sudden news of the soon to be departure of Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Bulgin in August of 2011 but realized that there comes a point when people must move on.

         Upon their exit, Dr. Betty Johnson, First Elder, once again lead the charge in holding the congregation together and worked for the coming months in the absence of a pastor, running the daily administration along with the help of her trusted Elders.  Dr. Johnson, known to us all as Sister Johnson continued to petition the Northeastern Conference of SDA® to send us a pastor as we were still considered a baby congregation that needed much nurturing.  Her answered prayers came sooner than expected in the form of Pastor Cornel and Sister Marlene Miller in November 2011.

         With Pastor Cornel Miller in the saddle, he kicked off 2012 with many ideas.  His laid-back personality grabbed the attention of the members and many found that he was an easygoing person.  Fervent about his new congregation and the anticipated work, he reiterated the purpose of The Waymark congregation and our goal in the advancement of winning souls for the Kingdom.  Pastor Robert Madden join him in June 2012 and pastored alongside him for six months before being sent to Gethsemane SDA® Church.  Moreover, of the many ideas of Pastor Miller, starting a Seventh-day High School was top of the list.  Working with Dr. David and Sister Opal Williams who are the driving forces behind the school, plans were put into action to start the first Seventh-day Adventist® High School in the Boston area.  In the fall of 2012, the high school enrolled 5 students.  Today, (year 2020) the high school has 20 students enrolled; of which seven recently graduated.  Boston Adventist D.R.E.A.M. Academy is truly a miracle.  The high school is continually taking new enrollment.

         Pastor Cornel Miller, whose service to The Waymark ended in 2016, also introduced the CHIP (Complete Health Improvement Lifestyle Enrichment Program) which was directed by Sister Marlene Miller. Our location in the Dorchester community permitted Pastor Miller the vision to reach the Vietnamese community.  Working with Pastor Tiffany Tan, and under her direction, an ESL (English as a Second Language) was started.  Pastor Tan volunteered at The Waymark SDA® Church and with the help of members, the free ESL program enrolled over 80 students who were Chinese, Portuguese and Vietnamese.  Additionally, Pastor Tan began the Asian Ministries establishing a Worship Service and worked tireless to win souls to Christ, later becoming the Associate Pastor of The Waymark Church in January 2016.  Her tenure ended in December 2019, but Pastor Tiffany Tan still tarries on.

         Dr. Lazarus Castang was appointed in January of 2017 by the Northeastern Conference of SDA.  His appointment ended on December 31, 2021.

         As of January 1, 2022; The Waymark SDA® Church was appointed a new leader.  The Waymark Congregation welcomed Pastor Jenks Brutus and his family and pray the Holy Spirit will work through him as he leads the congregation and ministers to the community.